Global voluntary markets for renewable energy are increasing in size year on year and they expand further as corporate, national, and international stakeholders set their targets and procurement strategies.

EnergyOrigins.net is a free source of information and data on Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) schemes and related energy statistics. It is compiled by Entelios GmbH – a part of Agder Energi, located in Berlin, Germany.

Our website provides an insight into several such certificate schemes whilst highlighting market drivers, green power products and regulatory updates.

Statistics and schemes are updated on an ongoing basis.

With the regulatory blog which is provided by DLA Piper you have access to the current topics relevant to green certificate markets. Within the System and Updates page you will also find some of the standard contracts which are used within the industry for reference, together with an introduction to the RECS International Good Practice Guidelines.

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Thomas Eccard
Head of Environmental Markets
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William Dixon
Senior Originator, Environmental Markets
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Agder Energi is one of the largest renewable energy producers in Norway and the Entelios Environmental Markets team have been part of the European Energy Certificate Scheme (EECS) market since its inception.

Entelios – a part of Agder Energi, has a team located around Europe which serve a large network of counterparties across variety of market products.

Agder Energi’s electricity production sources are 100% renewable. The company holds a variety of small, midsize and large hydroelectric power stations in the watercourses of southern Norway. The group’s average annual production is 8.100 GWh. The installations, encompassing both run of the river and storage capacity, exceed 1.700 MW of generation.


Robert Palme
Head of Sales, Environmental Markets
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Jon Sverre Monsen
Senior Originator, Environmental Markets
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