This page is continuously being updated with new material and statistics.

It gathers data from a range of sources and provides an insight to the renewable energy trends and developments on regional, nation and local levels.

Interactive charts are also displayed.

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Renewable Energy Balances - Interactive

The interactive map below allows you to visualise the renewable energy balances for a number of countries.

Provided by IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency), it illustrates such aspects as a country’s:

– Primary renewable energy supply mix

– Final renewable energy consumption by sector

– Gross renewable electricity and heat production technology breakdown

Global Capacity & Generation - Interactive

The interactive chart below shows the global trends in renewable capacity and generation levels.

The user is able to define the data which is presented based on criteria such as:

– Region (such as Europe, Middle East, North America etc.)

– Individual countries

– Technology

EECS GO Statistics

A Guarantee of Origin (GO or GoO) is an instrument defined in European legislation, that labels electricity from renewable sources, and provides information to electricity customers on the source of their energy.

For more information on EECS GOs and links to AIB Member Tariffs and Ex-Domain Cancellations click here.




AT (Austria)
BE (Belgium)
CH (Switzerland)
CY (Cyprus)
CZ (Czech Republic)

DE (Germany)
DK (Denmark)
EE (Estonia)
ES (Spain)
FI (Finland)

FR (France)
HR (Croatia)
IE (Ireland)
IS (Iceland)
IT (Italy)

LU (Luxembourg)
LT (Lithuania)
NL (Netherlands)
NO (Norway)
PT (Portugal)

RS (Serbia)
SE (Sweden)
SI (Slovenia)
SK (Slovakia)

I-REC Statistics

Just like EECS GOs, I-REC certificates undergo the steps of issuance, transfer and redemption/cancellation.

This tracking takes place in the form of a digital statement, or I-REC standard certificate (shortened to ‘an I-REC’) which is based on one MWh of electricity production from a single, generation facility.

For more information on I-RECs click here.

News / Statistics Updates:

June 2018: Market Statistics Report
October 2018: Market Statistics update: 13 TWh and rising

Indian REC Statistics

The Central Agency issues the RECs to the renewable energy generators. Each REC represents 1MWh of electricity injected into the grid from renewable energy sources.

For more information on Indian RECs click here.


In Poland, the Guarantees of Origin system is overseen by Towarowa Giełda Energii S.A (TGE), the Polish Power Exchange.

Further information on Polish GOs is available here.


Biomethane (also known as ‘green gas’) can be produced from a number of sources including biogas from anaerobic digestion, landfill gas and synthetic gas (‘syngas’) from the gasification of biomass.

For more information on UK Green Gas Certificates click here.

News / Statistics Updates:

October 2018: Market and Scheme Update


Ofgem Public Data: REGOs & GOs


Once data is made available by Ofgem it will appear within this live feed.

Data-sets show either the volumes of REGOs held by suppliers for the FMD of a given compliance period, or the volumes of Guarantees of Origin recognised by Ofgem within the FMD process.

For more information on REGOs click here.

USA REC Statistics

About Green-e and Center for Resource Solutions

A programme of the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), Green-e is North America’s leading independent consumer protection program for the sale of renewable energy and greenhouse gas reductions in the retail market.

For more information on USA RECs click here.

News / Statistics Updates:

November 2018: 2017 Green-e Verification Report
Green-e certified volume reaches over 60 TWh in retail transactions in 2017, representing an overall increase of 24% compared to 2016 sales.

More to come…