Standard Contracts

Standard EECS GO Contract

The standard contract for trading EECS GOs (European Energy Certificate System Guarantees of Origin), created by RECS International is available here.

Standard EFET Contract

Electricity Master Agreement Annexes are available here.

Standard UK REGO Contract

The standard contract for trading UK REGOs is available here.

Master Renewable Energy Certificate Purchase and Sale Agreement (USA)

Developed by the Renewable Energy Resources Committee and Special Committee on Energy and Environmental Finance of the American Bar Association’s Section of Environment, Energy and Resources, the Environmental Markets Association, and the American Council on Renewable Energy here.

Standard RTMA Contract

The standard Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) Trade Master Agreement is available here.

Standard El-Certificate Documentation

General Terms and Conditions for El Certificate spot trade (“Generelle Vilkår for spothandel med elsertifikater”) here.

Form of confirmation for el certificate trade (“Sluttseddel for elsertifikatkontrakter”) here.

RECS GOOD Practice

RECS International has established the Renewables Good Practice (ReGP) guidance document in order to support electricity end-users, market players, policy makers and stakeholders when procuring renewable electricity. It is RECS International’s goal to ensure that all renewable electricity is procured reliably with clarity relating to the associated claims. The document contains recommendations made by RECS International and its members. It is the opinion of RECS International that claims can only be reliably made when the attributes of a specific technology are reliably owned and disclosed by a single end-user. As electricity markets around the world permit the procurement of renewable electricity the principles which form the basis of reliable procurement have become more important. The ReGP guidance document has been established by global renewable energy market participants and provides simple solutions and good practices for international renewables procurement.



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GO Auctions

Here you can find links to the relevant webpages for GO auctioning platforms which may include:

– Data
– News
– Application Forms
– Calendars
– Terms and Conditions
– Results

France – powernext
– Information here.

Italy – Gestore Mercati Energetici (GME)
– Information here.

Luxembourg – Institut Luxembourgeois de Régulation (ILR)
– Information here.
– Login here.

United Kingdom – e-POWER
– Information here.