About EnergyOrigins

We are Å Energi’s Environmental Markets department and EnergyOrigins is our online communications platform

EnergyOrigins highlights our activities within energy certificate markets from production through to consumption

We are proud to be a 100% renewable energy producer with no direct or indirect involvement in fossil or nuclear power production

Our team is responsible for the management of the renewable energy attributes from Å Energi’s 73 part-owned and wholly owned hydro-electric power stations located in the water courses of Southern Norway. We have power plants from Tryland in Lindenes municipality in the south, to Toverud in Hadeland in the north. We also have access to a diverse wind generation portfolio across Northern Europe that is contracted through long term power purchase agreements (PPAs)

We maintain several certifications across our production portfolio. Furthermore, by benchmarking our portfolio against UN SDGs and ESG principles we are able to accommodate many diverse requirements in the pursuit of CO2 free energy and sustainability targets

Through this website we share our insights into the main energy certificate schemes within which we operate, and highlight the key market drivers and considerations of green power procurement

About Å Energi

Å Energi is the leading power group in Norway with operations in the entire value chain. Briefly about Å Energi:
11.3 TWh – annually from hydropower
320,000 – customers in the online company
240,000 – private customers in the electricity companies
20 TWh – annually to the corporate market