Physical Coupling

Balancing the generation and consumption of renewable energy has become an important factor for consideration within sustainable energy management

An increase in renewable installed capacity has brought increased fluctuations from wind and solar, for instance

Å Energi Vannkraft is a Balance Responsible Party (BRP) in Norway, Germany Sweden and the United Kingdom. We are able to enter into power trading arrangements which document the physical electricity flows associated with our GO transfers

Our flexible hydropower generation in Southern Norway (NO2 bidding zone) is linked through the NordLink inter-connector to the Continental European market, and through the NorthSeaLink inter-connector to the UK market

Å Energi Vannkraft as Balance Responsible Party (BRP)

We can offer bespoke solutions to electricity retailers and consumers which document their renewable electricity supply in real time

We can also offer supply structures for new commodities such as green hydrogen and other industrial products emerging from green electrification and sector coupling

The coupling of GOs with power would either take place through PPA structures (utility PPAs, virtual PPAs) or bilaterally structured deals

Standard EFET Contract

We use the EFET Standard Agreements for our physical operations. The Electricity Master Agreement Annexes are available here

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