Bra Miljöval

The eco-labelling of “Bra Miljöval” (meaning: Good Environmental Choice) “… is based on two basic ideas: that natural resources must be saved and that biodiversity and human health must not be threatened. This means, among other things, that all toxic and difficult-to-degrade chemicals must be removed. Two other goals are to reduce total energy use and to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.”

Electricity marked with Bra Miljöval

With eco-labelling of renewable electricity, Bra Miljöval wants to reduce the negative environmental impact of renewable electricity production, and increase energy efficiency so that our energy use is reduced. Together with customers and energy companies, Bra Miljöval tries to achieve a sustainable energy system, for the sake of the climate and biodiversity.

Examples of environmental requirements

The renewable and eco-labelled electricity comes from facilities approved by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation / Good Environmental Choice. The environmental requirements for renewable electricity production mean consideration for the environment, climate, plants, animals and people

Energy companies that choose to offer eco-labelled electricity must live up to the environmental requirements in our criteria and Bra Miljöval check this every year. An eco-label means that it is an independent party that controls, not the producer or supplier and not the customer

  • Wind power and solar power must be placed outside protected nature areas to reduce the impact on animals and nature
  • Hydropower should have a base flow with water, to avoid drying, and follow its natural flow. Fish migration routes and limitation of rapid changes in water flow benefit plant and animal life
  • Biofuel must be 100% FSC-labeled and the ash must always be returned to the forest to become a nutrient in the cycle again
  • Wind turbines and solar panels must be recycled in a resource-efficient way when they are dismantled in accordance with the residual product plan

Good Environmental Choice funds

In addition to Bra Miljöval setting strict environmental requirements, money for each kilowatt hour sold also goes to eco-labelled electricity for various projects to repair environmental damage and reduce electricity use through energy efficiency

Energy companies that sell electricity marked with Good Environmental Choice make provisions for the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s funds. The money is used to reduce the environmental impact of electricity production, which means, among other things, removing old power plant dams and other migration barriers for fish, making buildings more energy efficient and protecting biological diversity in forests and land. Bra Miljöval’s funds:

  • the Energy Fund (streamlines energy use)
  • the Environmental Fund (promotes biological diversity)
  • the Forest Fund (protect forests and land)

Å & Bra Miljöval, exampled


The power station Laudal lies along the middle section of the River Mandalsåni in the Mandal drainage basin. Laudal is the power station furthest down the Mandal river system. It makes use of a 36-metre drop

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