Green Gas

Green Gas (collectively biomethane, renewable gas or biogas) is renewable gas produced from various types of biodegradable material. It can be upgraded to the quality of natural gas and injected into grid networks, allowing it to be consumed in the same way as natural gas

Consumers are therefore able to demonstrate a reduction in emissions by substituting it for their traditional natural gas supplies

Green gas can be produced from various types of environmentally friendly sources like biodegradable feedstock and landfill gas

Proof of Origin

Biomethane is typically combined with a proof of origin certificate which enables the subsequent tracing of a quantity of biogas back to its origin

The proof of origin contains data identifying aspects such as the place of production and the first feeding in a quantity of biogas. It will always relate to an individual biogas plant and includes, among other specifications, the entry point number and the address of the production facility

European Registries for Green Gas

Å Energi has – as an active trader of biogas certificates – an account in the German biogas registry (dena Biogasregister). We are able to receive, transfer, and redeem certificates on your behalf

Currently, transfers are permitted between dena’s Biogas Register Germany and the following registries (bilateral cooperation). Further connections are active via ERGaR (European Renewable Gas Registry)

  • Biomethane Register Austria (AGCS)
  • ENERGINET Denmark
  • Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS)

Green Gas Registries in Europe

  • Biogas registries connected to dena Biogasregister
  • Other Biogas Registries
  • Other Information

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The Next Steps

We can help to identify your needs by understanding your objectives. In understanding your requirements we can ensure that you are procuring the correct type, volume, specification of certificates to achieve your goals

We are also able to assist you in identifying suitable climate neutral strategies, assessing different options and solutions (power, gas, offsets, etc.)

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