The certification of the generation of electricity from renewable energies is used as a certificate of origin in electricity trading or as a basis for issuing country-specific, EU-compliant guarantees of origin

The generation certification always relates to specific generation sources and guarantees the consumer that the electricity comes from renewable energies

The consumers of the electricity generated are usually retailers and energy suppliers, but also direct major consumers

Generation of electricity from renewable energies can be done with optional additional qualification for performance commitments (EE+)

TÜV SÜD module: EE+ > Production & Consumption Matching

The certification of the “Generation EE +” is a module of the “EE” certification

The assurance of work and performance commitments can (normally] only be carried out for one system pool. With the certified system pool, the producers can assure the supplier that the requested schedule (load profile) can be produced at any time with the system pool

Compliance with the “Generation EE +” module is particularly important for the supply of green electricity products that are certified according to the TÜV SÜD electricity product standard “Product EE02” (certification of electricity products from renewable energies with simultaneous delivery)

A certified system pool according to “Generation EE +” is comparable to a virtual power plant that produces according to the load profile of the electricity customers

High-Quality Proof of Production Origin

According to the TÜV SÜD, their “… generation certification serves as high-quality proof for electricity traders, electricity suppliers and end users that the electricity comes from 100% renewable energy. [TÜV SÜD] .. checks the power plants and, after deducting any self-generated and pumped electricity consumption, determine the actually available “green” electricity that is actually fed into the grid. The certified producers prove that they are steadily increasing the share of renewable energy in the generation mix. After a successful test, [TÜV SÜD] .. certifies the amount of electricity generated from renewable or environmentally friendly electricity.”

Å Energi & TÜV SÜD EE, exampled


Hanefoss’ upper reservoir is Uldalsåna, which is part of the Tovdal river system

It makes use of a 71-metre drop

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TÜV SÜD is recognized as an auditor for initial registration in the HKN databases in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland

As a system operator, TÜV SÜD issues system certifications for the first time and on a recurring basis. This ensures that the system operators can generate and market guarantees of origin or receive any subsidies without a hitch

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