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A Brief Introduction to Energy Certification Schemes

Buying green electricity has become an established way for public and private consumers to document their sustainability and environmental motives

Green electricity labels are primarily aimed at end-users and seek to highlight additional non-regulated information on the electricity being purchased

These energy labels aim to increase awareness surrounding varying factors in the chain of production to distribution to consumption of green electricity. They also provide easy to understand information on Guarantees of Origin (GOs) and other sustainability criteria of the electricity in question, with reference to their certification standards and criteria

Procuring green electricity can be achieved across a broad spectrum with a wide range of labels which may fulfil an individuals regional and environmental needs

Several labels apply a broad range of criteria, including a variety of models to ensure their own definition on additionality, i. e. including fund models for “new” or “additional” plants. Others include funds for environmental measurements in combination with the production of renewable electricity

If you are looking for Guarantees of Origin (GOs) from power plants which are eligible for your green electricity label you offer to your customer, we have a wide variety of power plants which are eligible for your green electricity product

55% of our annual production is eligible for a green electricity label

Renewable electricity is one part of the overall picture for several protocols and standards regarding environmental aspects. We have accredited our production portfolio with the following labels in order to respond to customer demand

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Our production is eligible for third-party environmental standards, EKOenergy is just one example:

The CDP refers to EKOenergy: “The GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance mentions the EKOenergy label as an option, as it is a mark of quality which comes on top of tracking certificates. Electricity sold with the EKOenergy label fulfils strict environmental criteria and raises funds for new renewable energy projects”Use either EKOenergy from our eligible power plants (LEED v4) or GOs from us (LEED v4.1)Use EKOenergy-labelled electricity to fulfil the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance. The Greenhouse Gas Protocol is the worldwide standard for carbon accounting

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