Our Services

We offer asset management and execution services related to energy certificate markets such as EECS Guarantees of Origin (GOs), in Europe

Our services directly contribute to the continuous reinvestment in, and the expansion of, renewable generation capacity or to ensuring that existing plants become more efficient

We trade and optimise GOs on spot and forward markets with an ability to enter into long term off-take or purchase arrangements for GOs with asset owners or consumers

We are able to couple our GO operations with physical (cross-border) power flows capitalising on our positions as balancing responsible party in various European countries. Furthermore, we manage other environmental commodities related to our operations such as biomethane GOs or carbon offsets

We continuously seek new counterparties and customers with whom we can build long term trading relations, explore new market opportunities and contribute to building new green value chains

We also utilise our expertise in the management of third-party renewable generation assets. Our services range from providing market access and solutions to discretionary management of portfolios

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