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REGOs: Introduction

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REGOs: Introduction

The United Kingdom’s Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) scheme allows suppliers and/or consumers to demonstrate that a proportion, or all, of their electricity that supply is sourced from renewable generation

REGO certificates are issued per MWh of eligible renewable generation to generators of the said renewable electricity

REGOs are able to demonstrate that the end-consumed volume [against which the REGO was redeemed] was produced from renewable sources

REGOs are used in Great Britain and Northern Ireland for fuel mix disclosure (FMD) purposes and is administrated by Ofgem, the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets

Under legislation, the UK fuel mix disclosure requires licensed electricity suppliers to disclose the mix of fuels used and supplied to customers within a given compliance period (CP)

REGOs: Geographical Presence

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REGOs: Data Source

Ofgem: REGO

Ofgem: Guarantees of Origin

Ofgem: FIT Levelisation