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I-TRACK: Introduction

I-TRACK: Geographical Presence

I-TRACK: Statistics

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I-TRACK: Introduction

An I‑REC for Electricity is referred to as an I-REC(E) and is an exchangeable Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) that conveys information about the production of a unit of electricity such as where the electricity was produced, the capacity of the Production Facility, and the energy source.

I‑REC(E) can be used for a variety of (voluntary) requirements including Scope 2 reporting, national energy reporting, and general End-user claims, and allows all electricity users to make a conscious and evidence-based choice for electricity, in any country where service providers have been Accredited by the International Tracking Standard Foundation.Source: The International Tracking Standard Foundation

I-TRACK: Geographical Presence

Disclaimer: Map boundaries are provided for informational purposes only / Please check the status of a specific registry­ with its administrators / Last updated by EnergyOrigins June 2024

I-TRACK: Statistics for I‑REC for Electricity

The term “cancelled” is synonymous with “retired”, “redeemed” or “consumed”, for disclosure purposes

Source of Data: I-REC(E) / Disclaimer and Copyright: https://www.trackingstandard.org/ / Last updated by EnergyOrigins 04.06.2024

I-REC(E) Production Issuance by Country (2024)

Issuance & Cancellation of I-REC(E) by year (2014 – 2024)

I-REC(E) Issuance per Year & Technology (2014 – 2024)

I-REC(E) New registered capacity per year, active installations
(2014 – 2024)

Number of Active I-REC(E) Organisations by Sub-Region (2024)