Holen power station supplies Agder Energi with 677 GWh per year, making it our 3rd biggest power station

Uleberg makes use of a 180-metre drop in the River Skjerka. The Skjerka empties into Lake Øre in Åseral, and after the lake the river is known as the Mandalselva

The power station makes use of the 132-metre drop from Aklandstjønn

The upper reservoir for the power station is Homstølvatnet. Some of the drainage basin for the reservoir is in the municipalities of Bygland and Kvinesdal

This hydro-electric facility at Tjørhom makes use of the 158-metre drop between the Gravatn reservoir and Tjørhomvatn

The River Nisserelva is dammed at Tjønnefossen, and the power station makes use of the drop created by the waterfall and dam